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HISAKO NOMURA is an occupational therapist, who is the founder and the official representative of the association of Ecological Therapy since 1998, which has studied the rehabilitation method based on perception and action. She authored books and articles on affordance and environment: “Hisako NOMURA 野村寿子 : Asobi wo sodateru「遊びを育てる」(Cultivating the power of play). Kyodo Isho Shuppansha 協同医書出版社, Tokyo 東京, 1999”., “Masato SASAKI 佐々木正人, editor : Hitonokagaku 4 Tsutsumareru hito : Kankyo no sonzairon. Iwanami Shoten, Publishers 「包まれるヒト≪環境≫の存在論」” “Junichi MURATA 村田純一, editor : Chi no seitaigakutekitennkai 2 「知の生態学的転回2 技術: 身体を取り囲む人工環境」(The Ecological Turn: New philosophical and psychological perspectives on human studies Vol.2 Technology: Life in the Artificial Environment) University of Tokyo Press, 2013. In 2013,” She introduced the world to the idea of a 3 dimensional optimized seating system, “ETHREEM”, which, alongside the product called “p!nto” she does over 300 cases of measurement a year for order made cushions.