Boosts Your Energy Level & Self-Esteem

Imagine. Now you are swimming back to the beach from a deep part of the sea where your feet cannot touch the bottom. You keep swimming so hard because you believe it is impossible to stand on the sea floor, but when you try to stretch your legs a little bit further, you then realise you are already back in the shallow end. This is one example situation that everyone can easily recall. This shows that we cannot stand on our feet if you we choose to believe that we can’t, even when we are at a place where is easy enough to stand. We use our bodies according to our perceptions. Once we believe it is impossible to reach, we become reluctant to stretch our arm to get something, even if it is within our reach. It is crucial to get the feeling of “I can”. Once we know we can, those successful experiences drive us by boosting up our confidence in movement.
Not surprisingly our confidence and our postures overlap a lot. Once we are able to keep our bodies functional, we can reach up our hand for where we used to believe it was unreachable. Likewise, even if we think, “I can’t continue to think anymore”, once we are able to sit comfortably, we may come to think, “Why don’t I try a little bit more?”, and this may eventually lead to brainstorming. Instability makes our body tight, preventing the body from moving freely. When our body is tight, our brain does not function very well. This is why a panicky, freaky, and nervous situation can be solved just as simply as releasing your body tension. Thus, it is so important for us to create “I can” in a good posture. Although it sounds irrelevant, it has good potential to achieve good results.

“I Can” Posture
Sit on your p!nto with your arms wide spread. Feel your core and sway your body.
Next, feel your back and bottom; slowly move your bottom clockwise.
Try anti-clockwise as well.
Now, stretch your arm as far as you can. It is important to know where you can feel safe.
Try to reach out each direction.
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