Making TV time count

Is gravity bad for a good aligned posture? The heaviest part of the human body is the head, which makes our body unbalanced. Our daily life is centred around activities in front of us. The asymmetric activities make the body structure misaligned. The head protrudes from the body which creates strains in the neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back. That causes tiredness and pains. These are all happening as we live in the relationship between a body and gravity. Sound bad? It is! Yet the gravity enables us to sit, stand, walk, write and accomplish all sorts of activities. With a friendly relationship with gravity, it is important to keep a relaxed posture and use it well. We have the anti-gravity muscles to maintain our postures with respect to gravity’s ever-present force. They work to keep our postures in motion in harmony with one another; when we sit, stand, and move around. Our daily activities consist of balance between the supporting and working muscles. We double the fatigue if the anti-gravity muscles have excessive stress, and the working muscles must then work harder than usual. The key is to not give extra effort to the anti-gravity muscles. It is also crucial to give them a time to return to the neutral position. Our TV time often gives us the same sitting position for long periods of time. Make TV time count with your new awareness to realign, it is time for a reset of your anti-gravity muscles.

The Anti-Gravity Relaxations
Sit back on your p!nto. The base of the threat slide the palm of your hand along the collarbone to the shoulder joint. With your arm out-stretched gently rotate the shoulder. Feeling the shoulder movements with the fingers of your right hand. Relax to the neutral position.
From the neutral position gently massage the collarbone area and the chest muscles as you explore the chest muscles.
There are many muscles from major to minor that are needed in order for the shoulders to perform. Lift your arm; gently but firmly massage under your shoulder.
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