Smart Travelling

Our body has an unbalanced structure with a heavy head on the top, but we try to keep our balance while constantly oscillating at a minute level - All the time. The organs that are placed asymmetrically keep working even when we are being still. The lungs and the ribs move in each way. Our body never stops responding to the environment around us. The whole of our body, the bone shapes, the muscles and the skin are made with a curved surface. Unfortunately, in response to the flat surface of floors or chairs, we need the help of a “balancer” from the anti-gravity muscles to keep the posture in human activities. Let’s imagine how our unstable body responds during rides on aeroplanes or trains. Our anti-gravity muscles need to be tense and keep contracting against unpredictable movements coming from outside. See how it takes your comfort away from your journey? This is why you easily get tired on your journey. We have conducted a study by using p!nto on the bullet train (Shinkansen) to investigate the effect in the autonomic nervous system. The result has shown that p!nto improves the parasympathetic performance and it adjusts the balance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nerves. Our body’s oscillation causes strains in our body in an unstable condition. However, once our body gets a grip to bring it back to the center alignment while oscillating, the shaky rides or places can be your good exercise spots to improve the posture adjustment by checking your own axis.

Dear Travellers
While rocking yourself side to side, consciously feel the edges of p!nto with your thighs.
Sit on the edge of the chair. Stretch out one leg, then put your heel on the floor.
Your calf muscle should be nicely stretched. Swap legs and notice the differences.
Hovering just over the chair. Keeping the leg stretched out, but with both soles and the other leg on the floor. Lower yourself, and shift your weight towards the bent knee.
You will find the muscle stretching at the back of extended leg. Switch legs.
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