Befriending Your Body; Flexibility Exercise

Our bones are connected by the joints, in various shapes. Each joint has direction a in which it can move easier and they control different ranges of motion. To activate this, the muscles are found over the joints, the bones need to be placed properly. This also allows the muscles to work correctly; however, it is actually quite hard to find the best posture for ourselves. Have a seat and let’s take a look at how you sit. Our knees might be tucked in, or out. You might cross your legs when you sit. It is quite rare to have a proper alignment from the hip joints, the knee joints, to the leg and foot joints, which we are originally born with. What if you shift to the next muscle movement in this misaligned posture? It is clear that we can damage our knees or hip joints. The joints are the points that decide the direction of our movements and that weight passes. The muscles supply power, and the joints provide the allowed movement. It is crucial to keep yourself ergonomically sound to respond to the coming movement. Stretching exercise is also important to stimulate the muscles, and when you do, keep in mind that you have to work along with the muscles natural movement. Also, when the muscles are working too much for supporting oneself, you cannot meet the effective outcome from stretching. When we sit on stools, we deal with confrontation in the back muscles which are connected to the pelvis and the spine. This is why it is difficult from bending forward effectively when the contradiction in movements arise. Habitual inflexibility that has been building up for years showed deviation from the original muscle movement. When we are free from this contradiction in the movements, we can move the body easily and widely, even if we believe our body is too inflexible.

Tangle Free Posture Method
Sit in a comfortable chair with your p!nto and relax. Try to bring your chest as close as possible to your thighs by bending over with your hip joints, not with your back.
Notice how your back is stretching nicely.
Now, bend over diagonally with your hip joints.
Rise slowly as if you put the spine on the sacrum, which provides a base for your spine.
With a help from either a desk or the back of a chair (or similar), stretch the back muscles. Imagine your back is straightening out as you reach really far.
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